trump facebook 700k contreras los angelestimes

Facebook is a free social media platform. The users do not need a subscription. Therefore the platform earns its money from sponsored and featured ad posts. trump facebook 700k contreras los angelestimes. Usually, you get to see such posts on your feed. But have you ever seen them on the log-out page?

No right?

Well, this time, an ad got posted on Facebook’s log-out page. This move brought the seal of approval from marketers. This is a novel way to showcase the products. This move will benefit the marketers to make the products reach the users who access Facebook from a public computer.

The users already see the brand and its products on the feed. They also see the “stories” of the brand and its products on their feed and news pages. But now they can see them on the log-out pages as well.

This is like saying goodbye but with an offer. This feature will roll n with the new updates to at least 37 million US users in April.

The Social Media Marketing Manager for Samsung USA, Esteban Contreras, stated that Twitter would become one of the first ads on the log-out page. The ad will get featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note model. This is a unique ad-base partnership across many brands.

This ad campaign is already underway in the US. If you live there, you might have already seen it.

There was a reported ad buy on Facebook that ran for $700K. It was to buy out an inventory for a day in the US. Adage made this deal. According to the adage, the log-out ads are not a stand-alone service. They come in the premium homepage ad package. The users get to see this on their feeds.

A single-day offer to display the ad on the log-out page is $550,000 for home pages. It is an additional $160,000 for the log-out inventory. This can very well lead to ad wars between the corporate hotshots. The ad on a log-out page can start a new age of digital marketing. Many other big brand names may follow Samsung in innovative digital marketing strategies.